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Fuel & Energy Efficiency Reminders

July 1, 2008

Transportation burns nearly two-thirds of U.S. oil. Reducing consumption not only is key to cutting costs for your organization but also to cutting the United States’ oil dependency. These tips are good, helpful reminders to reducing fuel and energy costs. Please share them with others.

  • Fill up your tank in the morning when the ground is still cold. Gasoline expands or contracts about 1% for every 15-degree change in fuel’s temperature. Your gallon is not exactly a gallon during the warmest parts of the day or in the warmest parts of the country.
  • Check fuel caps. Approximately 17 percent of the vehicles on the roads have fuel caps that are either damaged, loose or are missing altogether, causing approximately 147 million gallons of gas to vaporize each year.
  • For transporting small amounts of ice cream, don’t dial down your REEFER unit unnecessarily. Run at 0 degrees F and store the ice cream in a Randall Manufacturing freezer box or ice cream bags with dry ice at –20 degrees F.
  • Rear and side door curtains are an easy and efficient way to keep humidity out of your trailer and the cold air in.
  • Shorten your refrigerated loads with Randall Manufacturing’s insulated bulkheads. Shortening your load can save you loads!
  • Assess your REEFER units’ performance. Keep up with routine maintenance. Determine if replacements are justifiable to help ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Keep tires fully inflated. Driving with under inflated tires is like driving with the parking break on and can cost a mile or two per gallon.
  • Consider refrigeration technology that employs a combination of diesel and electric technologies.
  • Aggressive driving can decrease gas mileage by as much as 33 percent on the highway.

    Some of the statistics were taken from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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