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Track Mounted Insulated Bulkheads

They're through the roof!

Choose the track mounted insulated bulkhead because it's easy to use. The benefits are reduced wear, tear and potential loss. It's a great way to travel!

Track Mounted Insulated Bulkhead
  • Load and unload your trailer without removing the bulkhead. It's fast, efficient and reduces wear, tear and potential loss of your bulkheads.
  • Exceptionally designed for easy up and down functionality with our lift assist system.
  • The BH2000 track mounted bulkhead is lightweight and easy to handle, keeping the physical demands and stress on the loaders to a minimum.
  • Specially designed no-bind trolleys allow the bulkhead to be moved up and down the trailer with ease.
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1 Piece Track Mounted Insulated Bulkhead


2 Piece Track Mounted Insulated Bulkhead



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