About Randall Access

In 2012, Randall Access, a Safe Fleet Brand, endeavored to stand out from the Access products crowd. We listened to the market and got our best engineers on the case to design Access products that deliver full on strength, performance and safety. That’s the stuff Randall Access is made from and we believe it’s still relevant today. In a handful of years, Randall Access products are used by over 50% of the top foodservice and convenience store distributors. Our product line has grown to include: Straight & Folding Walkramps; full line of Floor Deployed Platforms; Steps and Ladders.

We’re on a mission to educate, to thrill, to show you the goods “live and in-person”.  The Randall Road Tour vehicles are coast-to-coast listening, taking notes and learning how Randall Access products will keep drivers safe and whistling a happy tune on the road.