Elevated Platform: Where Brains Meet Brawn

Elevated Platform: Where Brains Meet Brawn

Randall’s Elevated Platforms are rolling out of the Randall Access warehouse.  The Elevated Platform, geared specifically for middle door delivery, is the latest product innovation from Randall Access.

The middle door can be likened to the middle child  – often misunderstand, has to fight for attention, and overshadowed.  It has long been a delivery point that has not reached its full potential.  The Randall Elevated Platform will not only demonstrate the value of the middle door, but show that it can potentially alleviate the need for an expensive freezer door.




The Secret?  The Z Bulkhead paired with the Elevated Platform.  The Z Bulkhead is Randall’s do-it-all bulkhead with a superior R value.  It can be your bi-fold when you it to be or it can be a Z shape.  The Z shape creates the necessary access and flexibility for entrance into the freezer area and out the middle door.  Using  temperature-zoning products in sync with delivery equipment is “where brains meet brawn.” Pairing these two powerhouses – the Elevated Platform and the Z Bulkhead – creates a combination that packs more punch than a fistful of quarters.






The freezer door certainly has its righteous place in the world of foodservice delivery.  Our engineering cats keep asking the question, ” how can we alleviate an expensive cut out in the trailer while making delivery safer and more productive?”  The Elevated Platform and the Z Bulkhead present a solution that pleases many gods.

Randall Elevated Platform





The Elevated Platform is the muscle the middle door has been waiting for.  With its full on 48”x 52” platform area, no transition plate and deployment in 20 seconds or less – we say not only bring it, but get to it.


In a world that runs on guts and gasoline, we’re proud to bring our friends in the trenches full on confidence with equipment that won’t let them down.



Take a look at the middle door platform in action >>

Get reacquainted with the Randall Z Bulkhead >>

Contact us to discuss how we can help you create a middle door delivery system that flexes some serious muscle – 800-323-7424.

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