Randall’s Elevated Platform: This Changes Everything

After a year plus of field testing, Randall’s Elevated Platform is market-ready.  The Elevated Platform is designed to provide drivers with the safest, fastest, most flexible form of delivery available today.  Featured on the Great Dane trailer at IFDA for the second year, the Elevated Platform has wowed the market and encouraged another look at an untapped avenue of delivery efficiency and profitability- side door delivery.

Let us explain:

Less than 15 second deployment –

Elevated Platform Randall Access


Randall’s Elevated Platform is easy and fast to operate.  In less than 15 seconds, the Elevated Platform deploys to door height – no transition plate needed.  It is walkramp ready – accommodating both the Randall Straight and Folding Walkramps.  Stowing the Elevated Platform is even easier-takes just under 10 seconds.

Greater efficiency, greater profitability –

ELP Options


The Elevated Platform is 48” x 52” – without the use of a transition plate. Having a platform this large, this ramp ready, and this at floor level, enables the trailer to be fully cubed using the platform as a first stop safety zone.  Imagine being able to load an entire extra pallet position on every trailer.

Quick math –

Value of the pallet x number of trailers x number of delivery days in a month = that’s some serious extra profitability.

Increased delivery flexibility –

Elevated Platform Randall Access


Drivers can get themselves in tight spots or have the entire parking lot available to them – the Elevated Platform provides drivers with the flexibility to position the walkramp parallel or perpendicular with the trailer.  Imagine not having to pivot a 500lb. load and go straight from the trailer to the platform to the walkramp.  Yes, my friends, this changes everything.

Coming Soon – the Folding EL

Folding EL Randall Access

Designed to be used with the Elevated Platform, the Folding EL introduced on the Great Dane Trailer at IFDA this year.  It is is our 2015 Concept Product.  Deployment can get easier than unhook, pull out, attach to the Elevated Platform.  Wham, bam, thank you mam.

The Randall Elevated Platform doesn’t just raise the standard, it sets it.  No other Access product today provides the speed, safety, and efficiency as the Elevated Platform.  Learn more about the Elevated Platform on our website, www.randallaccess.com

View how the Elevated Platform in action >

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