Looking for New Wheels in 2015?

Looking for New Wheels in 2015?

Answer these three quick questions:

Do you like mobility – don’t like to be dragged around?

Do you appreciate having the latest bells & whistles?

Are you an off-road, all-terrain type?

If you answered YES to these three questions – your new 2015 wheels, Randall Folding Walkramp, is for you.


The Randall Folding Walkramp combines engineering prowess with the needs of the on-the-road athlete – your driver.  The Randall Folding Walkramp is constructed of 6000 Series Aluminum Alloys that are extruded, i.e. stronger, harder and more resistant to … hate to say it – corrosion.  The Randall signature walk surface masterfully manages whatever Mother Nature decides to dish out with its grip, open area, and uninterrupted design.


A few key features that set the Randall Folding Walkramp apart  –

Randall Safety Folding WalkrampOPEN LEG DESIGN – With the removal of the bar across the ramp’s legs, Randall’s Open Leg Design provides drivers greater control and stability.


Randall Folding Safety WalkrampFINGER GUARDS – Randall’s optional Finger Guards allow drivers to grab the ramp legs without fear of being pinched.



Randall’s Recessed Latch eliminates accidental disengagement of the legs.  Randall’s Deflector Plate makes moving the ramp in and out of the enclosure easier and safer.


Randall Folding Safety WalkrampRANDALL’S (ABOVE) STANDARD FEATURES

With every Randall Walkramp – its highly engineered design features a walk surface that’s gripping up and down the ramp; higher side rails for extra control; and a toe plate that adds traction and a seamless transition.

Speaking of wheels,  the  5” wheels provide improved maneuverability wherever you push it, tow it, pull it – we make sure this folding ramp is your friend, not foe.


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