IF-DA Missed IFDA 2014 – Our Five Key Takeaways

The International Foodservice Distributors Association Conference (IFDA) 2014, held in Indy, was a memorable, educational event. The foodservice distribution industry is in the midst of many changes – industry consolidation, greater push toward operational efficiency, and increasing regulatory pressure.  Over 500 attendees took advantage of the opportunity to learn best industry practices, network, and gain exposure to industry advancements on the exhibit floor.

Randall has become synonymous with IFDA as being an exhibitor that brings the latest product innovations; hosts a party where the who’s who, discuss what’s what; and the people of Randall bring their experience and personalities.

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways from IFDA 2014:

1)      The People

Randall_IFDA Booth


IFDA is a great time to meet industry friends – at our booth, at the sessions, and at the party (which we’ll get to).  Our sales team – led by Fred Jevaney and Chuck Carey – include Kyle Allen, Mike Jones, Michael Galati, Mike Buehler, and Jay Brooks. You’d have seen them talking shop at the booth and around town.

2)      The Party


We were so pleased to have co-hosted the IFDA VIP party with Maxon this year.  Bringing together two industry leaders couldn’t have been a better combination.  Over 200 IFDA attendees and exhibitors converged at the Colts Bar & Grille where a guests also enjoyed an appearance by the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders.

3)      The Products

IFDA_Randall_Great Dane

The Randall Booth showcased both our temperature-control and Access product lines.  Our Access Road Tour made its 50th, that’s right 50th, stop at IFDA 2014.  The Road Tour trailer featured our Access products including our Straight and Folding Walkramps, our newest, one of a kind – Elevated Platform for the middle door, Step, and our coming soon FDP – Floor Deployed Platform.

Our temperature–controlled products – bulkheads, Center Divide Systems, and rear and side-door curtains were also prominently featured.  We’re proud to have the broadest selection of product that controls temperature at every point on the trailer.

Our two new concept products –the Folding EL designed to be used exclusively with the Elevated Platform and the FDP (Floor Deployed Platform) were featured on the Great Dane trailer at IFDA. Fred Jevaney, our president, was able to demonstrate these two new products that further the Randall Access mission of bringing the market engineering advancements that keep drivers safe, productive, and well-equipped for the job at hand.

4)      Mike Ditka


A  football legend known for his energy, bluntness, and bringing a Super Bowl Championship to (our hometown) Chicago was a fantastic keynote speaker.  Our favorite quote from Iron Mike’s talk, “When you die, you are the only one that doesn’t know. It is the same thing with being stupid.”

5)       Next Year

IFDA 2015 will be held in sunny Phoenix, Arizona October 26-28.   Don’t miss it – start planning now.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there.


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