Randall Access Road Tour: We’re On A Mission

Randall Access Road Tour –  we’re bringing the products to the people – people.  The Randall Access Road Tour is 21 righteous feet of Full On Randall Access products – Randall Safety Walkramps, Randall Steps, and the soon to be released Randall Elevated Platform.  We know you gotta see these products – kick the 6000 series extruded aluminum, try to twist the Grade 8, cadmium- plated hardware, and when Mother Nature screams, drivers will understand why our walk surface is their best friend.

We’re on a mission – to show our foodservice delivery friends that getting in and out of their trailer is now safer, stronger, smarter, and faster.  This is no ordinary road tour – it’s the Randall Access Road Tour –

  • Full tank of gas – every day
  • Not exceeding 60 mph on the highways and byways of our good country
  • Enough real-deal country music to keep toes tappin’ for a week or two easy
  • And, it’s dark out and our Randall team is wearing sunglasses

Look for the Road Tour this summer and fall – we’re coming out to see the guys and ladies who push it, pull it, tow it up and down the trailer every day.  Hold steady – help is on the way!

For more information on the Randall Access Road Tour:

// Check out randallaccess.com

// Follow us on Twitter, @randallmfg, #AccessConfidence

// Click here for our latest photo gallery

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