Power Up – The Randall Lift Assist

Power Up – The Randall Lift Assist

The Randall Lift Assist comes in two sizes to fit your trailer floor – short and long.  Let us explain: depending on the enclosure placement in relation to the trailer’s floor height, a lift assist could potentially over compensate requiring extra adjustment effort and time.  The Randall Lift Assist – Short Throw is ideal when the distance between the top of the enclosure box and the trailer floor is 11” or less. The Lift Assist – Long Throw fits distances between the top of the enclosure box and the trailer floor that are greater than 11”.

The Randall Lift Assist is engineered to power up – using one hand, from one side of the ramp.  The combination of gas shocks and compression springs creates a unique suspension system that leaps into action. The rollers on the lift assist stay in place to not only ease the ramp up but also down.

Combine the Lift Assist with our Straight Safety Walkramp and you’ve got a powerhouse combination.  Our video features how quickly the Randall Straight Ramp and Short Throw Lift Assist is deployed and locked into place.  Not having to reach across the ramp to lift it to the trailer floor saves drivers’ backs, time, and energy.  The rollers help ease the ramp back into the enclosure; again, increasing job speed and saving drivers’ energy where they need it most – delivering the goods.

Join the Road Tour where Randall Access Products including the Randall Lift Assist is pulling into dealer, OEM, end users’ lots across the country. The Road Tour also features the Randall Straight Safety Walkramp, Folding Walkramp, Step, and soon to be released Elevated Platform.

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    I can not wait to discover the soon to be released Elevated Platform.

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