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The Randall Step: Where Premium Is Standard

Have you seen it – a rusted, worn out Step hanging from a trailer?  A Step should be that extra heave-ho in and out of the trailer.  A Step should grab your foot and give you the best chance of making it through the day safely.  We’d like to introduce you to the Randall Step.

The Randall Step has been engineered with “standard” being the point we work up from.  Rust has met its match with the Randall Step’s electrocoating (E-coat) process.  If you like chemistry, we’re talking your language here:

  • The e-coat process involves dipping the Randall Step in  series  of  special tanks that chemically clean, wash, coat it with zinc phosphate (rust pre-treatment) and then electrochemically  apply   paint.


  • After the Step is e-coated, it’s rinsed and baked.


  • The heat treatment causes the molecules to crosslink, which increases the durability and strength.


  • The Randall Step is then powder-coated with orange paint and baked again to cure the paint.

E-coating provides superior corrosion protection as the immersion allows the parts to be completely coated.  Here’s the real kicker – e-coat  passes the  1000 hours salt spray test and combined with the powder topcoat  paint  it is even more corrosion resistant ( well over 1000 hours);  compared to 750 hours for the industry standard galvanizing.  The Randall Step that not only looks good, but out performs the competition.

And we don’t stop there.  The surface of the Randall Step doesn’t hold back – it’s gripping, it’s got teeth, it’s daring a shoe to try to slip on it.  The Randall Step is also deeper giving you more room to fly like a superhero in and out of the trailer. The side rail is also higher giving your shoe something to hold onto.

You can be sure with Randall Access products you’re strapping on the toughest attitude and the highest performers on the outside of your trailer.


Give us a call to talk about how we can get you moving more safely, more quickly, and with greater confidence in and out of your trailer – 800-323-7424.



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