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Road Safety – All Vehicles Great & Small, Sharing the Road

Every driver’s view of the road, as well as the ability to stop suddenly or swerve around a pothole, is different. A little information and patience, however, can go a long way when you share the road with different sized vehicles. Drivers need to keep in mind the limitations and capabilities of all the vehicles around them.

Car drivers and motorcycle drivers have better side vision than a truck driver. Truck drivers can see more than cars and motorcycles when they look forward because they sit higher up. But, the larger and longer the truck, the less the driver can see from behind. Car drivers often have no idea how large the blind spots are on trucks. Just as a trucker can blind a fellow motorist with his high beams in on-coming traffic or from behind, the driver of a car can blind a truck driver. Be aware of the effect bright lights may have on other drivers.

Cars have shorter stopping distances and, like motorcycles, greater maneuverability than trucks. With trucks, the heavier the truck, the more stopping distance it requires. If truck drivers try to stop suddenly, the weight of a heavy load can force a truck forward. This makes it impossible for even the best of truck drivers to stop in time. And because some trucks have a higher center of gravity, it’s easier to roll a truck than a car if the truck takes a turn too quickly. To eliminate these situations, all drivers should avoid tailgating.

Source: National Safety Council

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