Road Tour Observation #1: Four Legs Are Better Than Two

The Randall Road Tour says to our friends in foodservice delivery – c’mon give it a spin, a walk, a lift, a pull – you’ll see what we’re talking about. The Randall Folding Walkramp hands down is anything but your standard folding ramp.  Our engineers did what they do best – noodled over how to make the folding walkramp stronger, easier on your legs, and keeping all 10-digits safe from pinches and snaps.

Life on the road is no walk in the park.  We’re passionate about making it safer, faster and easier for our friends behind the wheel.  The Randall Folding Walkramp is blazing new trails with its:

// Finger Guards – helps keep fingers safe from pinch points


// Open Leg Design – your legs will thank us; walk right up and easily deploy and stow


// Recessed Latch –  prevents accidental deployment of the wheel base.  Nothing is worse than dropping your wheels when you don’t expect to.


// Deflector Plate – this sneaky, you can’t see feature is neatly tucked in the enclosure box and ensures it’s a breeze getting the ramp back into the enclosure.


We’re bending over backwards to engineer the best darn access products on the road today.  You’ll see what we mean – check out our Road Tour web page, check out our Road Tour photo gallery, check back often to see where we’ll be next.


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