Road Tour Observation #2:  Did You Say 4:30  A – M?

Road Tour Observation #2: Did You Say 4:30 A – M?

Randall Access Road Tour

Foodservice delivery drivers hit the road when roosters are yawning.  Our Road Tour crew met with such a team at 4:30 a.m. before their trucks were loaded, checked, and they headed out for a day on the job.

It’s dark, it’s usually cold, and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.  Having equipment that makes the job safer and gives the driver confidence is our mission with the new Randall Access product lines.  One concept product our Engineering team is kicking around is the Randall Safety Apron.  This concept product originated from drivers tell us that hitting the straight walkramp centered is difficult when the hand truck is piled high and it is dark outside and in the trailer.  That got our Engineering team thinking – safer, faster, more confidence on the way down – Randall Safety Apron.

The Ramp Safety Apron provides extra steering and guidance as the driver enters the delivery runway on the Randall Straight Walkramp.  Having a wider, safety orange apron provides the driver added confidence that they are centered to ease onto the walkramp safely.  The Randall Safety Apron easily attaches to the existing apron and sits on the trailer floor.  The bright safety orange color provides a visual cue to the driver when it’s difficult to see where they are headed.

The Ramp Safety Apron is making the rounds on the Road Tour mobile along with the Randall Straight Walkramp, Folding Walkramp, Retractable Step and the new Elevated Platform.  Gathering feedback, listening to the drivers, making the job safer for the guys and ladies in the trenches – join together with the Randall Access Road Tour.

Watch our 4:30 A.M. video on the Randall Safety Apron.

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