The Long and the Short of Randall Lift Assists

10-15 stops a day  x  5 days a week  x  12 months of the year — that’s a back-breaking pace and a day in the life of a foodservice delivery driver.  They’re in the field fighting the ground war with speed, safety, and efficiency.  They can’t afford to have equipment that does not rise to the challenge and help them win the battle.

Randall Lift Assists are the first lift assists that combine gas shocks and compression springs creating a suspension system that leaps into action.  The rollers on the lift assist stay in place to not only ease the ramp up but down – again, the only of its kind.  And now, the Randall Lift Assist recognizes that not all trailer floors are created equal.

Depending on the enclosure placement in the relation to the trailer’s floor height,  a lift assist could potentially over compensate  requiring  extra adjustment effort.  Randall Lift Assists now include a Lift Assist – Short Throw to be used where the distance between the top of the enclosure box and the trailer floor is 11” or less.  The Lift Assist – Long Throw is ideal  for distances greater than 11”.

The Randall Lift Assists are easier on the driver, easier to maneuver, and are easy to retrofit.

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