Writers On The Road: Michael Galati

Think Customer, Then Decide – words from a valued customer.

On a recent trip to California, Chuck Carey and I embarked on a week- long trip up and down the Central  Valley talking bulkheads, center divide systems, rear and side door curtains and access products.  As a new territory manager, I was amazed at how each customer despite being in the same niche – foodservice delivery – had a unique approach to how they managed their business and used Randall products.

Although no two facilities were alike, what remained consistent was the concern for the driver, the physical demands of the job, and how our products need to stand and deliver.  The foodservice delivery world is no place for the weak of heart or for equipment that  fails to perform.  I  understand why Randall products are manufactured with tear-proof, replaceable ballistic nylon perimeter seals on the BH2000; recessed rivets and hardware on the center divide panels; and why Randall Walkramps have the most aggressive walk surface available. Think Customer, Then Decide – that is certainly part of the Randall culture from engineering to production to sales.

The road is always full of lessons.  Think Customer, Then Decide – not just a lesson for the road, but a great sales and business mantra.


Michael Galati – Randall Territory Manager supporting CA, ID, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.  You can reach Michael at mgalati@randallmfg.com; 800-323-7424 ext. 227.


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