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At GG Distributing- Craft Beer is Behind Their Curtain Wall

Posted on: October 18th, 2013 by joreilly No Comments

Craft Beer GG Distributing InsulWall Insulated Curtain Wall Randall Manufacturing

GG Distributing, a leading wholesale distributor of successful beer brands, shares how they retrofitted a leased distribution center to accommodate their growing craft beer business.

According to Gary Steffey, general manager at GG Distributing, InsulWall® – Randall’s thermal, modular curtain wall – allowed GG Distributing to create a 9,000 square foot temperature-controlled room for craft beer within their 55,000 square foot leased space in one week. No structural impact, modular, economical – InsulWall helps beer distributors meet the growing demand for products that have varying storage temperatures.

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