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Craft Beer is Big News This Holiday Season

Posted on: December 9th, 2014 by Beth Brown No Comments

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This holiday season some of the hottest tables to secure are at microbreweries, nano-breweries, and brewpubs.  The booming craft beer scene continues to attract beer aficionados who appreciate local-producing talent paired with good farm to fork food. Small-batch beer is certainly big news this holiday season and throughout the year.

The “every town has a micro-brewery” for your imbibing pleasure creates quite the marketing challenge. There’s no me-too here; true differentiation with – taste, secret hops, funky names, packaging, and limited availability. One such brew in Indiana brings the idea of sporadic availability to a level of coolness – that’s marketing genius.

Switching gears to behind the bar and the beer distributor – craft beer poses challenges on the storage front.  One of the most important aspects is regulating temperatures when storing the finished product.

It is recommended that craft beer is stored in a cool area, away from direct light, sources of heat and in a constant temperature environment. Beer benefits from cool constant temperatures; usually around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposure to higher temperatures risk shortening the lifespan of the beer, and lower temperatures can induce chill haze (cloudiness).

Strong beers (barleywines, tripels, dark ales) should be at room temperature (55-60F), standard ales (bitters, IPAs, dobbelbocks, lambics, stouts) should be at cellar temperature (50-55F) and lighter beers (lagers, pilsners, wheat beers) should be at a refrigerated temperature (45-50F).

The storage temperatures for craft beer are typically lower than regular case beer. This presents a challenge for beer distributors, in particular.

InsulWall_insulated warehouse curtain wall

InsulWall® Can Help

 InsulWall- an insulated curtain wall – is a great solution for a craft brewery, beer storage facility, or distribution center.


   is a flexible, modular wall solutions.

   easily creates a temperature-controlled rooms.

   partitions areas of a temperature-controlled warehouse areas.

   is portable and re-usable.

   saves money and energy.



 As we raise a pint to 2014 – we look forward to helping beer distributors everywhere in 2015 easily store their craft beer.

Read how GG Distributing solved their craft beer storage challenge>

 Call Kristine Grudis for more information on InsulWall®,  – the flexible, insulated curtain wall solution – 630-782-0001 ext. 4207 or

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