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GAP: Saving Energy and (a lot of) Pocket Change

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 by joreilly No Comments

GAP InsulWall Insulated Curtain Wall Randall Manufacturing



The GAP was heating, cooling, and lighting unoccupied warehouse space due to seasonality of inventory.


Project Summary


The GAP looked internally for opportunities to more efficiently use space and energy. Its distribution centers represent a significant opportunity for energy savings because of their scale and operation. Unoccupied warehouse space is still incurring energy costs – lighting, heating and cooling. The challenge was to:

  • Evaluate a solution that provides flexibility and modularity;
  • Reduce operating costs; and
  • Minimize energy usage when the facility is not at full capacity. 

InsulWall® was a very effective solution to this company’s search for a flexible, thermal wall to save significant amounts of energy and money.


InsulWall Delivered


InsulWall was selected as the optimal thermal, flexible wall solution to efficiently use space and save energy. The wall solution included:

  • Installation without business interruption;
  • Incorporation of quick, easy-access doors at the end of each isle into the wall;
  • Ability to move easily and quickly when business needs changed; and
  • Utilization of the existing building structure to create the wall – no additional infrastructure investment.

The economic benefits were clear with the ROI on the project estimated to be 1.2 years based on reduction of HVAC and lighting loads. The design, manufacturing and installation took just four weeks.

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