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InsulWall®: Creates Win/Win Business Value for 3PLs & PRWs

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Cold storage InsulWall















3PLs & Public Refrigerated Warehouses (PRWs):

How are you providing flexibility and scalability to your temperature-control clients?

Meeting a diverse landscape of food manufacturers and distributors, the growth of e-commerce, continued globalization, and even separation of organic and kosher foods has necessitated the need for variable temperature storage.  Adding business value for your clients, many times means scaling their space needs up and down as inventory levels fluctuate. While at the same time providing effective temperature-control.

How do you manage varying temperature control needs with permanent walls?

InsulWall® –the insulated, flexible curtain wall – provides the ability to create temperature-controlled spaces  easily, quickly, and economically.  InsulWall is the only flexible, thermal wall made with recycled insulation making it a GREEN product that contributes to LEED® scores. It hangs easily from ceiling joists and works around the building’s infrastructure; often times does not require a building permit.  Installation takes days with very little business interruption.

InsulWall, insulated warehouse curtain wall








Business Value – Win/Win

Having the flexibility to create ambient/refrigerated/freezer warehouse space in a matter of days with the modularity to expand, store, and move your walls as client needs necessitate, is truly adding value to your client’s business and yours.  Seasonality, in particular, with food demands, pharmaceutical vaccines, and general holiday inventory fluctuations poses issues that 3PLs and PRWs have grappled with over the years.  InsulWall is the flexible, thermal wall solution that allows you to maneuver your warehouse space to meet a variety of temperature-control needs in a manner that permanent walls do not.

Case in Point

Olive Oil InsulWall Randall Manufacturing










Port Jersey Logistics (PJL), a full-service 3PL of warehousing, transportation and value-added solution to the central New Jersey marketplace, was storing olive oil when it arrived from Italy. During transit and temperature fluctuations, the olive oil changed colors. A room heated to 80 degrees Fahrenheit was needed to store the olive oil for 24-48 hours for it to regain its natural color. 

Project Summary:

PJL was consolidating three of its seven facilities to one new, larger facility.  This facility was in need of temperature and humidity controlled-environments – both cooler rooms and a heated room to store olive oil.  To keep the environment optimal meant new heating and cooling equipment, new maintenance procedures, and greater overall attention to climate control.

A wall solution was needed to create climate-controlled rooms while also affording PJL the flexibility to reconfigure its space as products change.

InsulWall Delivered:

InsulWall is playing a key role in PJL’s expansion – creating its cooler rooms and its heated room for olive oil. With its ease of installation, ease of maintenance, and ability to create climate-controlled rooms economically.  Click here for full case study details.


Visit us at IWLA, booth 608, in Orlando, Florida, March 13-15. Learn more about InsulWall and how we can help your business grow.

For more information, contact Kristine Grudis, Warehouse Sales Manager, at or 800-323-7424.





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