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June is National Safety Month – As Temperatures Rise, Keep Employees Safe

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 Randall Manufacturing June Safety Month Temperatures

Heat exhaustion is characterized by heavy perspiration with normal or slightly above normal body temperatures.  It is caused by water or salt depletion or both.  Heat exhaustion affects workers who do not drink enough fluids while working in hot environments.

 Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

      • Severe thirst, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea.

      • The affected person often mistakenly believes he or she has the flu.

      • Uncontrolled heat exhaustion can evolve into heatstroke.

 Other symptoms :

      • Profuse sweating

      • Clammy or pale skin

      • Dizziness

      • Rapid pulse

      • Normal or slightly above normal body temperature

 What to do:

1. Sit or lie down in the shade.

2. Drink cool water or a sports drink.

3. If persistent, gently apply wet towels and call for emergency medical help.



Source: National Safety Council,

Excellent bi-lingual heat relief resource:



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