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LEEDing Questions Interview Series: Featuring Hansen-Rice

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Hansen-Rice Construction


Christopher Jocham,

Vice President, Sales and Marketing


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What trends are you seeing in new facilities to incorporate GREEN material / construction?


The greatest trend we see toward Green Materials and LEED Construction methods is the client’s awareness and knowledge of it; it is certainly becoming a hot topic, especially with higher profile companies. Clients that produce products that are marketed toward environmentally aware customers are more likely to inquire about LEED. For example, if a company produces organic or natural products, they are more likely to research and invest in the certification process.  Additionally, if a client is in a state or area where incentives are available, they are more likely to inquire and invest in the process. Energy consumption costs also play a role – companies that are in areas where energy costs are higher will also look to benefit from a more energy efficient building design.  

What is the greatest challenge your clients face in building GREEN?


This is an easy one  – the COST. LEED projects cost more to design and build. A LEED certification, depending on the level, can easily cost 5% – 30% more than a standard construction project. This seems to be coming down as more and more high efficiency materials and fixtures are becoming the standard. However, the design process is longer and the added materials – insulation, higher quality glazing, doors, lighting and plumbing fixtures, still cost more. Also, a requirement to purchase building materials within 500 miles of the job site can add cost, not reduce them, if items can’t be purchased competitively. 

How do you and your firm stay current on GREEN product innovation?


Hansen-Rice Inc has several LEED accredited professionals within our in-house architectural department. They stay informed by continually advancing their studies of trade information. And most importantly, continuing to work with our suppliers that are driving the marketplace with new technology and energy efficient materials.

What GREEN companies or projects do you admire today?


Two companies that come to mind are Amy’s Kitchen and Whole Foods; these are companies that are always looking at new and efficient processes in both their operations and construction programs. They are continually researching ways to being good employers, neighbors, and environmentally aware. 


Hansen-Rice Construction

Hansen-Rice, Inc. is a national construction firm with 30 years of expertise as a Design-Build General Contractor specializing in industrial, agricultural, temperature controlled and food manufacturing facilities. Our capabilities include site design & master planning, in house architectural design & engineering, refrigeration, structural steel buildings, roof sheeting and insulated metal panels. We believe that our customer is our greatest asset. In every project, we consider our client our partners. We commit ourselves to honesty, promptness, quality and outstanding service. 


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