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The Many Sides of Randall’s Industrial Vinyl Curtain Walls

Posted on: July 31st, 2014 by Beth Brown No Comments

Randall Industrial Curtain Wall














Randall’s Industrial Vinyl Curtains create designated work areas and easily partition space.  An alternative to a permanent wall, Randall’s Industrial Vinyl Curtains are the ultimate multi-tasker taking on dust, overspray, welding sparks and dirt.

A Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur Divides Businesses & Space

Entrepreneurs have never been short on ideas.  A business man in Wisconsin falls into this prestigious category.  He runs no less than three businesses from one warehouse.  He called Randall to determine how he could partition warehouse space to divide a medical distribution business from his other businesses. 

Dividing work space easily was critical to this organization.  The dust and dirt was palpable in the warehouse.  Medical products are extremely sensitive to dust and dirt; having an environment that was clean, well-ventilated, and with an open feeling for employees was necessary.  Randall’s Kristine Grudis helped design an industrial curtain out of blue vinyl with clear view windows and areas for strip doors.  Special attention was made to the sealing properties of the wall -a valance at the ceiling and floor sweeps provided extra control against dirt and dust.

The beauty is that this business recently expanded and the industrial vinyl curtain wall was able to grow with the new space requirements. In addition, the vinyl curtain wall was able to easily work around the building’s infrastructure including HVAC, sprinkler systems, and joists. 

Randall’s Industrial Curtain Walls are available in one, two, three, or four sided configurations.

 Randall Industrial Curtain Walls




Flexibility is a key benefit of Randall’s Industrial Vinyl Curtain Walls. With the ability to install quickly, take down, move, rehang and even expand, Industrial Curtain Walls meet business’s changing needs easily.


For more information on Randall’s Industrial Curtain Walls, please contact Kristine Grudis,

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