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Multi-Temp Produce Requirements? Yes, We Can.

Posted on: June 28th, 2016 by Beth Brown No Comments

Protect produce with InsulWall

 This past Sunday the  $5.4 billion Panama Canal expansion opened that will nearly triple the capacity of the original canal, allowing ships carrying up to 14,000 containers a quicker path between Asia and the USA. Couple the increased capacity through the Panama Canal with our increased appetite for more varieties of fresh produce and we have a warehouse storage challenge.  Warehouse and Facility managers up and down the coast are challenged with creating temperature-controlled warehouse space to accommodate a variety of produce.

InsulWall allows you to create temperature-controlled space quickly to meet a variety of produce storage requirements. Here’s an example of how one produce distributor created temperature-control space economically with the flexibility of moving and expanding walls to meet changing inventory:


Front Row Produce, a family-owned wholesaler and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables moved to a new, expanded distribution facility.  The business of fresh fruits and vegetables is constantly changing and growing; a flexible wall solution for five cooler rooms was needed.

Project Summary:

A new, 57,000-square-foot facility more than doubled Front Row Produce’s capacity and featured refrigeration and freezers along with 22-foot high ceilings which are conducive to the food business. 

With its fast paced movement of inventory – typically every five to six days its fresh fruit and vegetable inventory will turn – strict temperature control and efficiency was needed.  Additionally, with seasonal inventory and specialty foods a wall solution was needed that offered the ability to expand certain cooler rooms seasonally without the expense of removing a rigid wall.

Having used InsulWall in their prior location, the team at Front Row Produce felt confident in InsulWall’s ability to create temperature-controlled rooms quickly and providing the ability to literally move walls quickly to accommodate changing inventory.

InsulWall Delivered:

After reviewing a variety of wall solutions, Front Row Produce selected InsulWall for its proven ability to perform in food environments and its thin profile of 1” – 2”, made it ideal for placing between racking systems.  The additional factor of InsulWall’s flexibility and modularity fit Front Row Produce’s vision of being a dynamic, state-of-the-art food distribution facility.


Read more about Front Row Produce>

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