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Randall Industrial Curtain Walls: 3 Questions With…….

Posted on: February 4th, 2015 by Beth Brown No Comments

3Questions With












David Osterhout

Project Buyer

ASCO Aerospace USA

ASCO Aerospace purchased Randall Industrial Curtain Walls to control dust during the construction of its new 800,000 square foot manufacturing center.  David shares more about ASCO’s business and the case for Randall Industrial Curtain Walls.

1)            Tell us about your business at ASCO USA? 

ASCO is a world class AEROSPACE supplier in the design and manufacture of high lift structures, complex mechanical assemblies and major structural components.


2)            What were your business needs for the two large Industrial Curtains?  

ASCO constructed our new ~ 800,000 SF manufacturing building located in Stillwater, OK in phases.  This meant that while the steel machining phase was completed and the high precision machines were in use, we were digging holes for foundations in other areas. For example, our large aluminum machining cell.  If anyone has been to “red dirt country,” you can appreciate how dusty it can be here, especially in the summer months; think Grapes of Wrath.  The dust became a real issue plant wide, especially in the steel machining cell where dirt was being injected into cooling systems for the machines.  The Industrial Curtain Wall system we purchased provided a fast and cost-effective solution for dust control. 

 3)            It has been about six months since Randall’s Industrial Curtains  were installed- how are they performing for you? 

Perfectly!  They installed easily, have held up well, and in the end served their purpose well. 


For more information on Randall Industrial Curtain Walls, please contact Kristine Grudis at or 800-323-7424.





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