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Randall Industrial Curtain Walls: 3 Questions With….

Posted on: January 6th, 2015 by Beth Brown No Comments

Industrial Curtains Randall Manufacturing

Barbara Welter

Safety and Environmental Administrator

Toyota Logistics Services


Toyota Logistics Services chose  Randall Industrial Curtain Walls to help improve work areas and contain overspray.  Barbara gives us some insight into the business and “why” Randall Industrial Curtain Walls.


1)       Tell us about your business at Toyota Logistics Services.

Toyota Logistics Services is the intermediary between the cars arriving from Japan and the Toyota/Lexus dealers. It is our business to install factory accessories that the regions and dealers request.  We also prepare the new vehicles for delivery by rail to dealers in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado and by truck to California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming.  Our facility also contains a full-service body shop.


2)      What were a few of your needs that required Randall’s Industrial Curtain Walls?

Our body shop requires industrial curtain walls around vehicles that are being prepped for the paint booth; we need to avoid overspray to other vehicles and/or areas.


3)      How are the Randall Industrial Curtain Walls performing for you?

The Randall Industrial Curtain Walls (we have 3) are awesome. The new design with a clear window  in the center of the curtain wall  is great – providing more light and visibility into that work area.  I also appreciated Randall’s attention to detail from design to installation.  They are a fabulous fit for our operation.


For more information on Randall Industrial Curtain Walls, please contact Kristine Grudis at or 800-323-7424.

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