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Black Friday Savings All Year With Randall Industrial Curtains

Posted on: November 26th, 2014 by Beth Brown No Comments

Black Friday Industrial Curtains Randall Manufacturing

Nearly 135 million people brave the crowds and shop on Black Friday. We’re happy to share with you that this year Black Friday is not just about great deals on TVs and PJs; you don’t need to leave the comfort of your office to save money, energy, and time.  With Randall Industrial Curtains, you’re getting a great deal of savings throughout the year.

Here’s a sneak peak  – Randall Industrial Curtains can help you create more efficiency in your facility. 

MONEY Randall Industrial Curtains are the premier, economic space optimizers.  By installing Randall Industrial Curtains, as opposed to a permanent wall, to partition your space, divide work areas, control dust, or contain work by-products -you are saving money all day long.  Randall Industrial Curtains are custom-manufactured to your specifications, installed quickly, and can be taken down and relocated in a matter of hours.  That’s saving serious coin all year long.

ENERGY Focused Black Friday shoppers have a plan and conserve energy for the best sales.  When you use Randall’s Industrial Curtains to divide and contain work or storage areas, you’re using energy wisely.  Whether it’s having the flexibility of a roller track to open and close your curtain wall or it’s the simple act of containing work processes – Randall Industrial Curtain Walls offer the flexibility to optimize space and energy usage.

TIME – We’re not asking you to wake at the crack of dawn or pull an all-nighter.  We believe your time is valuable in planning, design, installation, and support.  Throughout the process – our warehouse team of account managers and engineers are crackerjacks at project management.  In addition, Randall Industrial Curtains install in a matter of days with simple hardware options. 

We are called to task every day to save money, energy and time.  Randall Industrial Curtains are not only simple to install and use – they meet your business objectives without ever having to battle the crowds or wait in line.


For more information on Randall Industrial Curtain Walls, please contact Kristine Grudis at 800-323-7424 or email at


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