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Save Green by Going Green – How LEED Certification Can Help Your Business

Posted on: April 4th, 2013 by joreilly No Comments

InsulWall LEED Certification Randall Manufacturing Insulated Curtain Wall


According to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), obtaining LEED certification can be extremely beneficial to your business.


How LEED certification can help your business


1. It sets you apart in a competitive landscape

Green buildings are attracting attention from a growing number of buyers and tenants who prefer lower operating costs and healthier indoor environments. When developers chose green for new construction, occupancy increases 6.4 percent and rent 6.1 percent for new construction. For existing buildings undergoing green updates, occupancy increases 2.5 percent and rent increases 1 percent.


2. It reduces risk

LEED certification goes beyond minimum building code requirements. Third-party verification of your building’s ability to protect indoor air quality, for instance, can protect you against health-related lawsuits.

LEED certification can also help protect against financial risk through faster sales and leasing of green buildings compared to similar buildings in the same town. Green buildings are, on the whole, easier to rent and sell.


3. It’s cost effective

Green building pays. LEED can help it pay even more.

Per square foot, the cost for buildings seeking LEED certification falls into the same range as buildings not seeking certification. On average, an upfront investment of 2 percent in green building design results in lifecycle savings of 20 percent of the total construction costs — more than 10 times the initial investment.

Additionally, sale prices for energy efficient buildings are as much as 10 percent higher per square foot than conventional buildings.


Green InsulWall

Choosing Randall’s GREEN InsulWall, insulated curtain wall, that uses recycled insulation with an ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rating contributes toward a buildings LEED® certification.

GREEN InsulWall combines the efficiency of separating temperature and space with a modular, flexible curtain wall with GREEN insulation.


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