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Series: Noise Control 101

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Noise Evaluation Noise Curtain Randall Manufacturing

Part 2:  How To Evaluate Noise Exposure


The first step toward solving any noise problem is to define it. To understand what requirements must be implemented according to OSHA’s noise standard 29 CFR 1910.95, it is necessary to determine exposure levels.

1.         Know the indications of a noise problem. 

There are various factors that may indicate noise is a problem in the workplace. While people react differently to noise, subjective responses should not be ignored because they  may provide warnings that noise may be at unacceptable levels.

2.         Learn how to do a walkaround survey.

A walkaround survey should be performed to screen for noise exposures and to determine if additional monitoring is necessary. When screening for noise exposures, sound level    meter measurements and estimates of the duration of exposure are sufficient. 

3.         Workshift sampling is necessary when noise level exceeds OHSA’s Noise Standard 29    CFR    1910.95


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