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Series: Noise Control 101

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 Noise Curtain Control Randall Manufacturing

Part 3:  Noise Controls – Engineering Controls

Noise controls can be divided into three types:  administrative controls; engineering controls; personal protective equipment.

Engineering controls involve modifying or replacing equipment, or making related physical changes at the noise source or along the transmission path (with the exception of hearing protection) to reduce the noise level at the worker’s ear.   

Typical engineering controls involve:

            1.  Reducing noise at the source.

            2.  Interrupting the noise path.

            3.  Reducing reverberation.

            4.  Reducing structure-borne vibration.

Common examples of the implementation of such controls are:

            1.  Installing a muffler.

            2.  Erecting acoustical enclosures and barriers.

            3.  Installing sound absorbing materials.


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