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Six Key Advantages of Using InsulWall® for Third Party Logistics (3PLs)

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014 by Beth Brown No Comments
Flexible thermal curtain wall at a 3PL Randall Insulated Curtain Walls
Third Party Logistics (3PL) warehousing and distribution promotes a business model that allows organizations to focus on their core competencies.  The success of a 3PL warehouse or distribution center is its ability to meet a variety of customers’ needs.  Space and energy management is critical.
InsulWall®, a flexible, thermal curtain wall, has been used by 3PLs across the country to divide  warehouse space for a variety of businesses and applications.  Whether it’s to provide a cold storage area, control heat and humidity, or contain sensitive equipment, InsulWall provides the flexibility and modularity to turn on a dime to efficiently and profitably meet each customer’s needs.
InsulWall – flexible, thermal curtain wall systems – provide six key advantages to 3PL warehouses and distribution centers:
1. Modularity – 3PLs appreciate the ability to reconfigure their space to meet to clients’ needs.  InsulWall can be easily expanded, relocated, reconfigured to quickly maximize space and generate income.
2. Flexibility – the flexible nature of InsulWall is not only forgiving to contact from forklifts and other equipment but is less costly than rigid wall systems or traditional walls.  
3. Energy efficiency  –  InsulWall is made with insulation and is available with a variety of R values to provide a thermal wall that helps maximize a facility’s energy usage and reduce costs.  
4. LEED-contributing  – InsulWall is constructed with recycled insulation which contributes to LEED scores.
 5. Installation – InsulWall is installed many times with two men, a drill, and a forklift with little to no business interruption or dust.  InsulWall easily works around the building’s existing infrastructure, between racking, and doorways.
6. Maintenance – InsulWall requires minimal maintenance.  You will want to inspect it regularly for any signs of damage and to ensure the Velcro® is secure.  Any tears or punctures are easily repairable.
If you’d like more information on InsulWall for your warehouse or distribution center, please email Kristine Grudis, or Todd Jessup, 
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