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Top 3 Benefits to Using InsulAir

Posted on: March 28th, 2013 by joreilly No Comments

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InsulAir™, the horizontal re-circulatory air door, is designed for high-traffic, cooler to cooler, temperature controlled spaces. InsulAir creates an invisible barrier that separates temperatures within your warehouse. Air is drawn horizontally from the air nozzle into the air intake on the other side. This creates an even barrier between the top, middle, and bottom of the door opening. The air then gets re-circulated back to the nozzle and the process repeats.


Top 3 Benefits to Using InsulAir


1.      Create a Safer Work Environment

InsulAir allows employees to freely pass through the door opening. This full, unobstructed access increases productivity.

In addition, InsulAir decreases moisture mitigation that forms ice and frost on the floor. This creates a safer work environment, less prone to slip and fall accidents.


 2.      Increase Energy Efficiency

When a traditional mechanical door is opened, there is an instant air exchange from each side of the opening. The two rooms on either side of the door opening could have a significant temperature difference which creates a cold or warm air loss.

By using InsulAir, you can decrease the amount of energy used in heating and cooling each room since there is a constant vapor barrier separating temperatures.


3.      Minimize Refrigeration Loss

Compared to a strip or mechanical door that is opened many times per day, InsulAir creates a constant vapor barrier that maintains temperatures on either side of the door opening. This in turn minimizes refrigeration loss and increases product integrity.


It’s affordable. It’s safe. It’s low maintenance. It’s the perfect alternative to vinyl strip and mechanical doors. 

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