Port Jersey Logistics (PJL), a full-service 3PL of warehousing, transportation and value-added solutions to the central New Jersey marketplace, was storing olive oil when it arrived from Italy. During transit and temperature fluctuations, the olive oil changed colors. A room heated to 80 degrees  Fahrenheit was needed to store the olive oil for 24-48 hours for it to regain its natural color.

Project Summary:

PJL was consolidating three of its seven facilities to one new, larger facility.  This facility was in need of temperature and humidity controlled-environments – both cooler rooms and a heated room to store olive oil.  To keep the environment optimal meant new heating and cooling equipment, new maintenance procedures, and greater overall attention to climate control.

A wall solution was needed to create climate-controlled rooms while also affording PJL the flexibility to reconfigure its space as products change.


InsulWall Delivered:

InsulWall is playing a key role in PJL’s expansion – creating its cooler rooms and its heated room for olive oil. With its ease of installation, ease of maintenance, and ability to create climate-controlled rooms economically.

Next Steps

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