Chex Finer Foods provides independent and leading food retailers with groups of differentiated items not available in major chains.  Chex moved to a new facility where it needed a temperature-controlled room for its chocolate and confections category.

Project Summary

Chex Finer Foods focuses on providing independent and leading retailers with groups of differentiated items not available in major chains. Over the past three years, Chex Finer Foods’ product lines and inventory has doubled. One particular section has been its candy and chocolate section. Today, candy and chocolate have surpassed milk – ranking 4th in overall product line sales. Because of this recent growth Chex moved into a 60,000 square foot distribution center where a climate-controlled room was needed for chocolate storage  and other fast selling confection products.  InsulWall® – the thermal, flexible curtain wall – was selected to create its new chocolate storage cooler room.  Separating ambient space to create a 50o – 60oF temperature-controlled space.


InsulWall Delivered

InsulWall was installed quickly and is effectively keeping product at optimal temperature within the chocolate storage room. The 2,500 square foot chocolate storage area now holds Chex Finer Foods’ chocolate and confection products without worry of the products melting or deteriorating.  “InsulWall was a perfect solution to create a flexible, modular space within our warehouse,” said Michael Isenberg, Chex Finer Foods Vice President. Dividing space, flexibility to expand, and temperature-control made InsulWall the right choice for Chex’s chocolate storage room.

InsulWall Delivered

  • Confections & Chocolate Storage
  • 2,500 sq. ft. cooler room
  •  Potential for expansion

Chex finer foods Insulated Curtain Wall Case StudyChex Finer Foods Case Study

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