Organically Grown Company (OGC) is the Northwest’s largest organic produce distributor.  OGC, in partnership with Engineered Products, a Pepe Company, were evaluating wall systems for its new LEED® GOLD  Seattle facility.  OGC’s inventory is seasonal with fluctuating temperature and humidity storage conditions. OGC required a wall solution that would provide:
  • the ability to quickly reconfigure cooler space with changing inventory requirements
  • a LEED®-contributing product
  • ease of cleanliness to meet OGC’s stringent food safety protocols.

Solution: InsulWall®

InsulWall was selected for its:

  • agility in creating temperature-controlled warehouse space for seasonal produce
  • GREEN attributes allowing for OGC to continue its commitment to sustainability and InsulWall’s contribution to its’ LEED® GOLD certification level
  • decreased time spent cleaning the walls thus decreasing labor costs and increasing productivity.

InsulWall, the insulated warehouse divider curtain wall



“Produce is season, thus demand on our refrigerated space fluctuates.  It’s of great value to have the ability reconfigure our cooler spaces, in a matter of hours if necessary.  InsulWall delivered flexibility, affordability and temperature separation.  Another determining factor was the ease of cleaning InsulWall’s vinyl fabric.  Food safety is paramount at OGC, and having the ability to easily and quickly clean InsulWall has saved us substantial labor hours.”

  • Anthony Seran, Project Manager

InsulWall, the insulated warehouse divider curtain wall

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