Kendal Floral Supply had 6,000 square feet of unused warehouse space during the summer months.  Having used InsulWall® in the past to create temporary cold storage areas, it knew it could easily create a temperature-controlled area for the right seasonal tenant.

Project Summary

Kendal Floral had nearly 6,000 square feet of warehouse space sitting idle.  Already using InsulWall to create two cooler rooms for its tropical plant division and floral storage during peak seasons, Kendal knew it could configure this space to meet a future tenant’s cold storage needs.  Using InsulWall to isolate this unused area for cold storage would greatly expand its ability to attract a seasonal tenant.

Driscoll’s Berries was in need of an additional storage area for blueberries and strawberries during its peak season – June, July, and August.  Driscoll required a cold storage area to maintain a constant temperature of 33oF to ensure product integrity.


InsulWall Delivered

Kendal Floral & Driscoll’s Berries – a win/win relationship. Kendal Floral was able to sublet this idle warehouse space to Driscoll’s Berries during its peak season only.  After the summer months, Kendal Floral was able to regain use of the space the remaining nine months of the year.

InsulWall’s insulating abilities, flexibility and modularity made it the right choice to create this temporary cold storage area. InsulWall was engineered to integrate with swing doors and installed in three days.

Unused warehouse space represents a missed revenue opportunity.  InsulWall’s modularity – its ability to be hung, taken down, moved or re-hung made it a flexible, sustainable, and economical soluti

Operating Impact

  • Repurposed Space: 6,000 square feet
  • Temporary Storage of: Strawberries and Blueberries
  • Timeframe: June, July, August on to repurpose and use idle warehouse space.

InsulWall, the insulated warehouse divider curtain wall

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Next Steps

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