The applications for Randall InsulWalls are endless. Here are a few of their stories.

Front Row Produce Randall Manufacturing

Fruits & Vegetables

Front Row Produce moved to a new 57,000-square-foot facility that doubled its distribution space. The business was bursting at the seams in the old facility necessitating expanded areas for cooler and freezer space. Having used InsulWall in their prior location, the team at Front Row Produce felt confident using InsulWall to create five new cooler rooms in their new facility. Within three days, with little manpower, or disruption to the business – InsulWall was installed, creating new cooler rooms ready to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

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Strawberries and Blueberries Kendal Floral

Blueberries & Strawberries

Kendal Floral Supply had over 6,000 square feet of unused warehouse space. Having used InsulWall in the past to create cold storage areas, they knew they could easily create a cold storage area and generate revenue from this idle space. Driscoll’s Berries was in need of additional distribution space during its peak season – June, July and August. InsulWall was used to create a temporary cold storage area for Driscoll’s Berries. Installed in three days and generating revenue.

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M. Block & Sons, a leading distributor of consumer products to retailers, extensively renovated its Chicago location in 2013. At the same time, a clean, temperature-controlled environment was needed to contain its new Keurig packaging equipment. InsulWall was selected for its thermal properties, modularity and flexibility.

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Chocolate and Confections

Chex Finer Foods, a leading specialty and natural foods distributor in New England. Over the past three years, Chex Finer Foods has seen its inventory double, especially its candy and chocolate selection. To support its increased capacity, Chex moved to a larger, 60,000 square foot facility. A cooler room was designed using InsulWall to store chocolates and temperature-sensitive confections.

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Craft Beer

GG Distributing, a nationwide wholesale alcohol distributor, shares how they managed a growing business and accommodated craft beer’s temperature control standards. InsulWall® was installed within one week without structural impact to their leased space – creating a 9,000 square foot temperature-controlled room to store craft beer.

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Potted Plants

Kendal Floral, is a leading grower, supplier, and distributor of fresh cut flowers in the Western United States. To accommodate the increased business of its new potted plant division, Kendal Floral developed 10,000 square feet of unoccupied warehouse space to house its temperature-sensitive potted plants. InsulWall® is helping Kendal Floral create temperature-controlled warehouse areas.

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Cheese requires very specific storage temperatures at various stages of its aging process. A third-party logistics provider (3PL) set out to reconfigure its warehouse space to accommodate a tenant’s need for three distinct temperature zones for storage of its product.

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Data Center

Data Center

For Jim, his data center needed to stay cool and humidity-free, but the surrounding areas could remain ambient. InsulWall® helped create a temperature-zoned space for Jim’s data equipment. He saved the organization energy costs and the added benefit of modularity and flexibility to move walls as needs change.

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Doritos® Fritos® and Cheetos®

A Frito-Lay distribution center in La Miranda, California wanted to make sure that dust, wind, and rain did not get through their loading dock area. Frito-Lay’s main challenges were: protecting product on the dock from getting wet or damaged; having a quick turnaround time; and complying with state and local ordinances.

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